Beach, rain, and joyful friends.

A house faces the beach. The ocean looks gray and it’s rainy. An open gompa holds attentive friends while Erik shares his 10 minute talk about the Teacher’s Importance in the Karma Kagyu Lineage. Outside, children play in the pool, more friends come and go helping with logistics: washing dishes, cleaning up the dining area, cooking lunch. This was our weekend.

For second year in a row, friends from Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panamá and United States joined for a weekend of meditation, friendship, and fun at the Kurso Intensivo Kagyu (KuIK) at Costa Azul, El Salvador.


Althought the idea of a sunny beach, tanned dakas, dakinis in bikinis, and waves in the ocean was clouded by rain, the weekend was a success. Friends from all participant sanghas prepared 10-minute talks followed by 16th Karmapa meditations. A total of 14 talks were given and hundreds of Karmapa Chennos recited from Friday to Sunday.

On Saturday night, after a “parrillada”, friends from the central american sangha shared the local activities at each center. We learned from daily meditation schedules, travelling teachers visits, and experiences at Europe Center Summer Course where the first central american video was shared to Lama Ole and 7 thousand friends more. A glimpse of the local activity, both inspiring and empowering. The day ended with a party that allowed everybody to get together and dance the only way Latin Kagyus do!

Sunday met us without rain. After a strong breakfast, many friends enjoyed the beach before getting on a last set of 10-minute talks and 16th Karmapa meditation. After lunch, Guatemalan friends packed their tents, got dressed and with warm goodbyes, departed. Costa Rican and American friends stayed to help dismantle the course, leave the beach house clean, and drive back to San Salvador center.

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A regional joyful effort

The KuIK is the result of international inspiration. After sharing experiences during the “Vaya con John por Centroamérica” back in 2013, the idea to work together as a regional sangha emerged. It quickly developed into a regional course, strengthening not only the host country’s efforts, but all regional sangha bonds, benefiting from cross-country planning and organisation. It is a joyful experience where working together is the way to hold both, the view and the lineage.

The first KuIK took place in Guatemala’s living center in 2014. This year El Salvador took us to the beach, and the KuIK still has miles to go, taking us to Costa Rica for 2016 and Panama for 2017. Please, come and join us!


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