For what you wish will come true


“Be careful for what you wish for, for wishes will come true.”

I guess I wasn’t looking for him. I guess he wasn’t looking for me either. But somehow, somewhere in time we just found ourselves together at the center of *this* maze, unwilling to leave. That same maze we both dared to enter only to satiate our natural curiosity thinking that we would escape on time, following our own path through different ends. Nothing so far from the truth.

Another year is ending and the question everybody (or almost everybody) is asking is “what’s for New’s Year?,” “What about New’s Year resolutions?.” Honestly, I don’t really trust resolutions.

Being a Buddhist myself, I mostly trust in wishes and space, for what you wish, if it benefits others, will certaintly come true.

“To love & fly away.” Two simple wishes for this soon-to-end year, and believe me, it happened. Life fulfills itself when you trust.

I’m too young to know, but I guess that’s how it works: when you least expect it, you fall in love; just as with happiness: the less you expect and attach yourself, the happier you become. And that’s what this year, this dying year has been: a year of loving and leaving.

To live “leaving” is a very interesting game to master. I don’t know if I’m on the right track, however the reminders are always there: impermance is real; karma works. Certaintly they both are as true as everything else. For that I cannot afford myself the idea of staying. I don’t have a plan. The only thing I have is the idea of owning only that what I can carry on my back (or 2 suitcases if the airlines allow).

So, Dear New Year, there I will go, loving as much as I can and leaving when I have to leave even when I want so deeply to stay. For now, that’s the only way I know to make it work: to prevent myself from wanting more… from him.

Happy New Year of patience and detachment.


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