A brief shine of light. (2009)

It is when we are young that we are capable of doing everything and nothing at the same time. People build. People dream. People share. People destroy.

We live only once and this culture of our time teaches us to live fast because the time is right here, right now. Get on your feet and act, make people react. Build, Share, Hope, Dream, Destroy, Build again. But it is until our concious awakens that we are capable of seeing this whole thing the way it really is: nothing.

And I don’t mean nothing in a material way, but spiritual one. Things happen to serve humans. Humans happen to make things, because without making, without action we ain’t nothing. And so, we slave ourselves to the idea of having, to the idea of “being”. Being what? Being whom? And in the meantime, we spend time searching for things to become, gathering things together to become, disposing of things only to the illusion of becoming someone important perhaps, someone funny perhaps, someone interesting. But we don’t realize that this urge of “being” is because we feel like nothing.

It ain’t my purpose to depict such negative scenario, but one perception about this whole idea of world, the mordern living for the times I happen to exist. We shall remain aware of our nothingness, not to worry about it, but to enjoy the little things given to us. Those silent gifts our world shares such as air, shines of sun, scents, smiles. We shall stay aware that we are not our ideas nor personal effects, but a little dot in this world. A big smile for someone. A brief shine of light.

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