3 easy steps for landing ideas.

Ideas are an abstract thing: they do not exist.
Ideas form in the mind, brain or wherever you think your thoughts come from and while they stay in the abstract realm, they’ll grow fast and quick, like tornadoes do, going over so fast and disappearing as fast as they formed, leaving you with nothing but the chaos of losing what could have been a terrific idea. I know this, because Tyler knows this.

We are lucky we are humans and as humans, there are 2 main things that differientate us from animals:
1. Our ability to think
2. Our ability of expression

If you feel you’re not being creative is because you are lacking one thing: Openness.
And another reason why you might feel blocked is because of Selfishness.
And let me tell you a little secret: none of the above really work.
They will only stuck you.

Here, three tips to help you:

1. Speak out your ideas.
You don’t have to be that talkative, chitchatting person.
You don’t have to speak to everybody about your ideas.
The first person you should be talking about your ideas is yourself.

Speaking is our primary gift of expression. It is one of the first things we learn as a child, apart from walking. When you speak your ideas, you are forcing yourself to give your thoughts some kind of order and coherence.

Speak out loud. Record your thoughts.

People may think you’re crazy because you speak alone, but that’s their problem, not yours. Let the world think what they want but give and organize your ideas by speaking them out loud. Once you hear yourself, you’ll find out the potential in your words and work ideas better.

2. Share your ideas.
As written in point number one. Speak out your ideas. If you are the social lad, share your ideas with someone else. Someone you trust in. This will give you a sense of worth.

If you want to go further, share your ideas with someone you don’t even know. Go out and dare to take a point of view.

Remember you don’t live alone in the world and sharing your ideas can only make you smarter, actually. Getting point of views challenges you to review and rearrange your thoughts. So, don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas.

Afraid fo getting your idea stolen? Remember you’re not that important either. Nobody gives a crap for new silly ideas. There are very few entrepreneur people outside. Trust me, most people have the ability to listen but very few the will to do.

Share your ideas, just don’t tell the important parts. Tell the overall idea, the general brief, talk the questions or doubts you have and use people to nurture your ideas with the feedback and point of views they provide. Remember, it’s all about the idea to make it better.

3. Write & draw your ideas
We have the ability to use our body to express ourselves.

Sometimes speaking is tough, and it may be hard to explain yourself, specially if you are a very conceptual, abstract person. Again, I know this because Tyler knows this.

Write your ideas down. Scratch. Write again. Tear down more pages and get your idea on paper or notepad or word processing software of your preference. Then print them out.

Even the greatest scientists of all time have said that if they cannot draw what they see, they don’t understand it. The same happens with your ideas.

Draw word maps, write paragraphs, make presentations over and over again until you nail it down. Support your ideas with doodles, images, voice notes, everything that will help you define what you’re trying to say or do.

After all, it may sound as a cliché but most of the greatest ideas where born during lunch, a coffee and cigarette break with someone talking or writing on a napking.

Remember the first draft is always the most difficult thing to complete, but when it’s done, it’s worth since you can revise, scratch and start all over again.

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