So, this blog is intended to provide tips for happines. To become a Happy Human Company. After all, humans is what we are and happy is what we want to become, right?

But for two weeks, I haven’t felt happy.

Sometimes, there are reasons to smile, but I’ve been letting my grudge go out and play badly with my friends, work colleages, family and special ones.

First thought: lack of meditation (which is true), but getting deeper to understand the root cause of this malware, Dr. Mary Jane says that the root problem is that I “feel” alone and I’m calling for attention to ease myself. That’s all. Nothing more.

Since I’m a young lad, I have everything I need and I have the power to get all I want, the real problem in my head is that I “need” attention.

But that’s nothing new for me. I mean, after all I work in the advertising industry. I work creating graphics and depicting concepts to others to approve. The work is to be shown upon tons of people. Nothing new. Calling for attention seems to be my natural call and charcoal for my train to keep on moving.

But there is something else going on: this kind of attention has nothing to do with supporting what I do. Most likely, the attention I need is related about “how I feel”.

And if you asked me, that’s a harsh question, because most likely I have no idea how I feel. Scratch that. I don’t want to look at the feelings I feel because they seem too abstract. They are like math. I don’t get them easily.

I’ll be returning to try to write about what I feel because right now I have no idea.

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