Happiness Is Like Air

Happiness, like air, is not something you can put in a bottle. – Anonymous

Happiness is something you cannot own because if you own it then you will be afraid someone else will steal it from you. If you own happiness you will be afraid of losing it, leading to sadness or anxiety for getting it back.

Happiness cannot be sold because then you will have to buy it or you will have to get the means to buy it, leading to stress and fear because after buying “one happiness” you will have to buy some more after it ends. It cannot be packaged or bottled, because as everything in nature it has to flow to be alive otherwise it rots.

Happiness cannot be taught because if it is difficult for you to understand or your teacher is not successful at teaching it, both of you will be frustrated, which is completely the opposite of what you were trying to teach and learn.

Happiness cannot be defined because my definition won’t match yours and since points of view are always changing, there would be more wars trying to establish what happiness should be for everyone.

Then, Happiness is within everyone. It has to come free and naturally to be enjoyed at any time.

 Happiness can only be acknowledged after experience. And let me tell you a little secret: We’ve all experienced it before. So, Why does it seem impossible to experience it again? Why does it vanishes when you look for it?

Happiness, like air, cannot be seen, just sensed. On a very hot day, suddenly you feel the gently wind blowing and refreshing you, making you feel comfortable and for a moment you completely forget about the heat.

Just like happiness, once you acknowledge the present moment you are living, you feel relaxed, you forget about memories form the past and desires from the future, you get enchanted by that tiny moment of peace, of happiness.

So what happens after that moment is gone? You think you want to feel it again, so you remember about it, you get stucked on that moment from the past forgetting that the very nature of the happy moment was about the present moment.

But, how do you get that moment to keep on happening more frequently? or even better, how do you feel happiness all the time?

Remember,  Happiness, like air, is for breathing. Breathing is an action we do without thinking about it. Like Happiness, it just happens!

Sounds difficult? When you think of it as something you have to accomplish, it is impossible to achieve, instead if you acknowledge and give thanks for the moment you are in, happiness surrounds you in a very natural way.

So first, remember to acknowledge you are alive and be thankful you are breathing. Happiness will come around sooner than you think.

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